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Where Your Journey Starts

This is where your journey starts. Familiarise yourself with our process below, and see how you’ll experience the Stanford difference.

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The Steps Your Future Self Will Thank You For

Kick-off Conversation

A warm consultation with your experienced Lending Advisor. This is where your dreams take centre stage!

Process Kickoff
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Analytical Prep

Your dedicated Credit Analyst meticulously prepares the groundwork, seeking necessary documents so we can begin to structure our Credit Advice.

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Exploration of Options

Gain some clarity as your Lending Advisor unveils the options that are exclusive to you.

Process Exploration Of Options
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Drafting Your Application

Your Analyst will now prepare your application for submission.

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Fine-tuning and Submission

We’ll sweat the small stuff, as your paperwork is fine-tuned, signed and submitted.

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Process Ease Into Completion

Celebrating Approval

Time to pop a bottle, your application has been approved! Your Settlement Coordinator will be in touch to let you know what finishing touches are needed.

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Sealing the Deal

The lender will send you your documents to sign. Speak with your Settlement Coordinator who will guide you though the last few steps.
Process Fine Tuning And Submission
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Process Celebrating Approval

Ease into Completion

Your settlement is booked! Time to relax.

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Settlement Complete

We make it through settlement without a hitch, nice work!

Process Settlement Complete
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Process Your Feedback Journey

Your Feedback Journey

Share your valuable insights through our survey, helping us elevate your experience.

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A Lifelong Partnership

Our commitment goes way beyond our initial transaction. We’ll be in touch along the way making sure you’re getting the best rates out there, and making your money work harder for you.

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